The Charles County Chamber of Commerce Military Alliance Council (MAC) is an incorporated 501(c)(4) not-for-profit corporation dedicated to supporting local defense activities, the military and our local economy. We endeavor to educate and inform our national, regional and local defense stakeholders and the public of the high military value, unique mission/capabilities, and unduplicated intellectual capital that exists within the county’s military facilities. The MAC supports development and execution of strategies that enhance, preserve and support navy missions, activities and infrastructure while promoting these capabilities in the national debate regarding reduction of military bases and facilities.

As advocates, we encourage the coordination of activities and strategic planning with our elected officials and offer our residents and businesses an opportunity to participate and support defense missions and activities that ultimately protect the warfighter and enhance our National Security. Charles County’s National Defense Community, which encompasses all DoD assets, activities and retired military and civilian personnel, is nationally recognized as a critical defense asset and a valuable economic and community partner.