While the MAC appreciates the importance of the NSF IH’s ability to retain highly educated and skilled personnel we also know that in order to accomplish this, the town must provide a vibrant community where employees and residents both feel invested. We are committed to assisting the Town of Indian Head with its current revitalization efforts.


The MAC has been able to assist both NSF IH and the town with several notable projects. The future is looking up. The installation is growing.  New businesses are opting to locate in the town and the community is seeing tangible improvements.

To date, the MAC has:

  • Obtained funding for demolition of over 100,000 sq. ft. of blighted properties;

  • Secured funding for High Fiber into the town up to the ‘Gates’;


  • ​Obtained funding for the build-out of the Velocity Center, a collaboration between the College of Southern Maryl and (CSM) NSWC IH to promote innovation, create talent pools and to enhance local business opportunities;


  • Assisted in landscaping, streetscaping and beautification of the town’s assets;


  • Assisted in businesses wishing to relocate to Indian Head;


  • Purchased equipment to provide activities for military families and community;


  • Provided quality of life support and resources to our Marines and Sailors stationed on the Base; and

  • Contributed to community sponsored events:

    • Annual AVSI Alzheimer's Crab Feast (100+ Marines sponsored each year)

    • NAACP

    • Local High school sports

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New Initiatives

Renovations are now underway for the new Maryland Technology Center (MTC) in the abandoned building at 4450 Indian Head Highway and anchored by the United States Bomb Technicians Association (USBTA).  The USBTA, a 501(c)3 nonprofit membership association serving 1500 bomb technician members and 54 industry partners, will provide training, technology development, and testing for first responders by nationally recognized Subject Matter Experts from the first responder community.  The Center will ultimately house three collaborative organizations – a nonprofit, a large, and a small business - USBTA, ARA, and Memsel -  providing the training, research, development, testing, and manufacturing assets in Charles County needed to grow an innovation technology corridor for the first responder community.


The MAC and USBTA entered into a MOU to formalize a working relationship to jointly secure grant funding from the MD DHCD to build out and renovation of the vacant building. The primary purpose of this project is to establish a state-of-the-art high-tech campus that will attract technology-based firms and organizations to Indian Head and ensure that these entities are well positioned to leverage their capabilities with the extensive research and development capabilities of the NSWC IH and greater Department of Defense. The MTC is a public-private partnership solution as the second phase of implementation of the Town of Indian Head's revitalization plan. The MTC will reduce blight by redeveloping vacant and abandoned buildings, create jobs for local residents through construction and initial operations, and help recruit technology-focused startup companies and others interested in working with the Navy. 


The MTC is a critical component of the Town of Indian Head and Charles County’s plans to build the local economy, make the Town a destination, reverse patterns of disinvestment and the perception and appearance of decline. The MTC will promote innovation, create high-skill employment opportunities, develop a highly-skilled local workforce, and spur investment and location of private sector businesses interested in working with the Navy to ensure Indian Head is globally competitive. All these efforts make the Town more economically resilient to future economic shocks and job losses.

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